Gluten Free


For those looking for a quality Gluten Free product without sacrificing the traditional taste of flatbread, born Riccione Piadina gluten.

We have created a perfect recipe engaging in creating a fresh product and capable of giving a truly unique taste experience. Light, crumbly, good. Riccione Piadina gluten still has the typical qualities of Riccione Piadina.



The crossed grain symbol affixed to licensees products helps highlight the consumer celiac the suitability of the product compared to its food needs. La Spiga Barred is a registered symbol and the Italian Celiac Association properties, which in the late ’90s began Concession Controlled use of Barred Spiga. Recipients of the symbol are all those products for which the suitability for consumption by celiac has been established, or with a lower gluten content to 20 ppm as indicated by our Association and the Ministry of Health.




Our Riccione Piadina gluten is also included in the National Register of foods gluten-free, provided free of charge by the National Health Service in the form of supplementary health care.



What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten that food has an impact in Italy estimated at one person for every 100 people. Gluten is a protein complex present in some cereals (wheat, rye, barley, spelled, spelled, kamut, triticale) and derived food products. The ingestion of gluten, in celiac patients, may result in various symptoms of damage to the villi of the intestinal mucosa resulting in inefficient absorption of nutrients. The intake of foods containing gluten causes, in fact, in people genetically predisposed, an abnormal immune response in the small intestine, resulting in inflammation and disappearance of the intestinal villi: the bad absorption of nutrients is the logical consequence.

Follow a gluten-free diet for life is the only therapy that, to date, allows to eliminate the symptoms of celiac disease and prevent complications. According to the Report to Parliament on Celiac Disease 2013 edition the number of diagnosed in Italy at 31/12 2013 164 492, however, the theoretical total number of celiacs would amount to 600,000 people and about 70% of cases misdiagnosed.

A product both to those who are Gluten Sensitivity, non celiac gluten sensitivity, is a possible reaction to gluten (or cereal) whose mechanisms are not yet known. The national and international scientific community has undertaken to study whether it is a real disease and what mechanisms to induce.


Here because

We have created a Riccione Piadina Gluten Free.

The gluten-free diet is currently the only possible therapy for celiac disease, as it allows for the complete normalization of the intestinal mucosa, with “growth” of the villi to normal height and disappearance of symptoms, which is why we have created a Riccione Piadina Gluten Free.